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Ideas for the future.

Technology trends are moving towards us at a rapidly evolving pace. To make sense of the noisy and complex landscape, explore the latest tech products and solutions for your workplace challenges at the Ideas for the Future exhibition. The uniquely laid out expo floor facilitates, accentuates and elevates business for you.
Idea for future


Creating a solution before understanding the problem entirely never yields the right results. At Unconference, we unlearn and learn in unique engaging formats such as talk shows, quizzes, workshops, treasure hunts, movie learning sessions and robotics display, among others, with an unexplored vision so we, as a community, can find answers to questions that we never thought to ask!
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Women In Business.

Empowered women empower women and in turn businesses! Women in HR Tech is a unique offering at TechHR that brings together women leaders, who aim to not just survive but thrive in the new world of work. These leading ladies are unafraid to bring to light untold challenges pertaining to women at work for an intense brainstorming session. You just can't miss it!
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Learning Studio.

Why just listen when you can create a hands-on experience for yourself? Deep dive into masterclasses at the Learning Studio and gain knowledge from global experts on HR Tech and transformation. ‘Coz we don’t believe in preaching words but actioning your learnings.
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Innovation Studio.

This is one space at TechHR that you don't want to miss! Innovation labs will highlight ground-breaking methods of solving people and work problems through defined frameworks and tool kits. Learn the new methodologies by joining us at the Innovation Studio, taking the lead in making your organisations truly futuristic.
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Mingle Hour.

Rendezvous with your fellow attendees in a new way of networking during the Mingle Hour. Shortlist yourself on the TechHR event app and connect with peers you think you should meet in-person in the networking area. Drive partnerships to know more about their perspectives on the future of work.
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Study tours.

We are back with exclusive study tours of the most progressive organisations, where each of them showcases their innovative approaches, best practices and cutting-edge technologies in the new era of work. This is your opportunity to learn from the pioneers in your region and get an unsurpassed experience.
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