TechHR Agenda - People Matters TechHR Singapore


The conference agenda is divided into three content pillars. Use the below legend to identify topics under each pillar by matching the colors to the title of the session.

People Matters TechHR Singapore theme, AdaptableHR: The Great Reset underscores the fact that the new reality is vastly different and the RESET that was needed earlier has transformed into a GREAT RESET at all levels of the business. It also means that HR needs to be adaptable as never before. We must realize that this is a journey and not a destination or project that will ever be completed. And to do that, they’re going to need to have the courage to be open-minded and flexible, able to listen to other people with understanding and empathy, keen to learn, being resilient and willing to face uncertainty and challenge.

AdaptableNow Sessions

How do we deal with the day-to-day firefighting involved in managing, engaging, developing and recruiting a distributed workforce - while at the same time keeping them safe and productive?

AdaptableNext Sessions

What are the sustainable talent strategies that can help us create a better, more inclusive, innovative, and significant future of work?

AdaptableTech Sessions

How is technology supporting organizations to accelerate the change we need to see and adapt to the needs of a more agile, empowered and collaborative workforce in a distributed world?

*The sessions are subject to change. Please stay tuned with this page for the latest updates.